Andromeda Dev Targeted For Harassment Over Janky Facial Animations

Alain Brian
Mars 20, 2017

This can not be helped as those that got an early access on the game confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda is a failure in graphics.

Woman apparently targeted for abuse over the awkward facial animations in a video game. Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that an inexperienced cosplayer was chosen to be the "Lead Facial Animator" on this project. Some Mass Effect fans are fightin' mad about the janky animations, and a small subset of trolls and malcontents have chose to target a specific BioWare employee over them. Others, including Ralph himself, were more unforgiving, suggesting that Leost might have even called in sexual favors to earn her position at the developer's animation studios, according to a Kotaku report.

Allie Rose-Marie Leost was bombarded with sexually explicit messages after she was identified as the lead animator in Electronic Arts' motion capture labs by a blog post at TheRalphRetort, Kotaku reported Saturday. That website also accused her of performing sexual acts to get her job at EA. She has since changed her Twitter profile and her Linkedin account states she's merely been a facial animator at EA.

Despite being a facial animator being good or bad or not working for Mass Effect: Andromeda or EA at all, people should not be allowed to harass or personally threaten an individual for their work on any game or anything else.

Hopefully, it's something that will be available in future - after all, given the amount of non-action moments in the Mass Effect games, there's the potential for an in-game death to result in having to go back through plenty of exploration, loot-collecting, and extensive NPC dialogue sections.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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