Michael Savage Thrown to Floor by Man Shouting 'Weiner, Weiner'

Alain Brian
Mars 17, 2017

The unknown man then grabbed the popular radio host and threw him to the ground. He even shoved Savage's adorable poodle, Teddy. He moved toward me to push me down and he shoved my 10 pound poodle out of the way to get to me.

At that point, another customer from the restaurant intervened, and Savage's alleged assailant punched him in the face, Horowitz said. He said, 'Are you Michael Weiner?' I turned to him and said, 'Go away, I don't know who you are'.

Savage reportedly said that the man who attacked him was aware of his identity and had a personal "beef". "Both of my hands were holding onto things".

When police officers arrived at the scene at around 8.25pm Tuesday, they found that Savage and his attacker had each placed the other under citizen's arrest.

"We're going to seek felony charges against the man and we're going to investigate this as a Hate Crime because of Michael's political views", he said. The case will be referred to the District Attorney's Office to determine whether charges will be filed, the Mercury News reported.

Savage - whose latest book is "Trump's War: His Battle For America" - is the host of "Savage Nation", a nationally syndicated conservative radio show that airs in the Bay Area from noon to 3 p.m. weekdays on KSFO-AM.

Last month, Savage made headlines when he had an hour-long meeting over dessert with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, which concluded with the president putting an arm around his guest and declaring to the room, 'I wouldn't be president without this man'.

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