Nicola Sturgeon has invited us all to move to Scotland - fancy it?

Xavier Trudeau
Mars 20, 2017

Instead, she is going for a "Hard Brexit" with a completely new economic and political relationship with Europe.

"This will see up to 6,000 people per year able to access the training they need in key areas like software development, web design and digital marketing".

May says her government is committed to engaging with the whole of Britain over Brexit to negotiate a good deal for everyone, suggesting there should be no independence referendum until after a final deal is reach with the EU.

The Scottish leader will seek approval next Wednesday for a new vote in the devolved Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, but May's government has the right to block the request.

"Whatever our different opinions on independence, we can all unite around this simple principle - Scotland's future must be Scotland's choice".

Scottish voters rejected independence by a margin of 55 per cent to 45 per cent in a 2014 referendum that was billed as a once-in-a-generation vote.

In Scotland's 2014 referendum on independence, over 55 percent of voters elected to stay in the United Kingdom.

Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson claimed it was "astonishing" the SNP could not provide full details despite calling for another vote.

"If her concern is timing then - within reason - I am happy to have that discussion, but let the prime minister be in no doubt, the will of our parliament must and will prevail", she said.

"The UK is now going to be coming out of the European Union so we have to set out very clearly to the people of Scotland before asking them to make this choice the root of the process we would take to transition from where we are now to being in a relationship with Europe that was right for Scotland. It ensures that the path of our country will be determined, not by us, but decided for us by an increasingly right-wing, Brexit-obsessed Tory government".

May said the referendum result was not just a vote to leave the European Union, it was also an instruction to change the way the country works forever.

"And the people of Scotland don't want this".

A later section of the speech sounded promising, when Ms Sturgeon said the people of Scotland deserved "to hear us speak frankly about the challenges facing the Scottish economy" and the "challenges of independence".

He called for Holyrood to be handed a raft of powers after Brexit, including the ability to set Value-Added Tax rates, sign worldwide treaties, and regulate the environment, employment and energy.

Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said Scottish independence would "lead to the end of the United Kingdom as a state" and said "in that situation Wales would need to decide its own future".

Scotland's relationship with the European Union is at the forefront of the SNP's renewed call for independence, although European Union officials have indicated it would have to reapply to join the bloc rather than inherit Britain's membership.

While SNP ministers have been accused of ignoring day-to-day issues such as health and education as a result of their "obsession" with independence, Robison levelled the same charge against the Tories at Westminster.

Others around the PM worry that could backfire and alienate wavering Scottish voters who aren't keen on a vote now but could switch their views if they felt it was Theresa May and London ruling it out for many years to come.

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