NY couple wins $10M on lottery scratch-off ticket

Evrard Martin
Mars 11, 2017

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. James and Sylvia Silverence are the winners of the New York Lottery's largest-ever scratch-off prize.

James Silverence is a regular Lotto customer and had gone into the Stewart's Shop on Vassar Road in Poughkeepsie to cash in winning tickets worth $125.

'The lady ahead of me had purchased four of the $10,000,000 cash tickets and didn't win.

The new millionaires claimed their prize on January 23 but were presented with a giant check by lottery representative Yolanda Vega on Thursday afternoon.

He brought the tickets home and gave them to his wife to scratch.

As for the future, Mr Silverence said he would keep his job and the family plans to stay in their upstate NY home.

"I have a special way I like to scratch tickets", Sylvia Silverence said.

Realizing they might have just won $10 million, she covered up the word "jackpot" on the winning ticket and then showed it to her husband. "I saw I had the winning number 23 too, but I didn't scratch off the prize right away".

The Silverences opted to split the jackpot with each receiving a net check totaling $3,309,000, after required withholdings.

"When Sylvia showed me the matching numbers and moved her finger to reveal the word 'jackpot, ' we both just started screaming", he said.

"It's unreal", Sylvia Silverance said.

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