Starburst to release limited edition 'all pink' packs in stores

Evrard Martin
Mars 19, 2017

The company has seen everything: relationship memes, #blessed photos when someone gets a double-pink chew in a fun-size pack, and just general pink-Starburst mania. The all-pink packs are limited edition, so customers definitely should may want to stock up. Retailers including Target, Amazon, Walgreens and Kroger will carry the new products.

According to Matt Montei, the senior director of confections at Starburst's parent company, Wrigley, the idea was born from candy fans.

Fans of the strawberry-flavored fruit chews have taken to social media in resounding voice to encourage Starburst to release packages of only their strawberry sweets and the company has heard them loud and clear.

If you've ever bought yourself a pack of Starbursts, then you'll understand the joy of saving the pink one till the end and offering the others to your friends. However, it is commonly accepted among researchers that the color of a food impacts people's taste and preferences.

'But when we continued to hear requests for the pink chew specifically, we knew there was an even larger opportunity for All Pink'.

When it comes to Starburst, everyone can agree that the best flavor is pink.

Sticks of the candy will sell for.99 and a bag of the candy will sell for $3.19, USA Today reported.

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