Trump attacks media again, calls meeting with Merkel 'GREAT'

Xavier Trudeau
Mars 19, 2017

Merkel is the woman leads Europe's largest and most robust economy, something not lost on President Trump.

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The reality TV star, businesswoman and jewelry vendor had a seat next to the German chancellor, who has a chemistry and speaks fluent Russian, for the roundtable discussion with German and USA business leaders. -German relations. On the economy as well as global security, Germany has emerged as Europe's unrivaled leader in recent years. "On the basis of these values I offer the future president of the United States, Donald Trump, close co-operation".

US President Donald Trump says Germany owes "vast sums of money" to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, just a day after meeting Angela Merkel at the White House.

If we learned anything from his joint press conference with Theresa May earlier this year, it's that Trump is incapable of meeting with a foreign head of state without embarrassing himself and his country. "The United States has been treated very unfairly by many countries over the years", he told her, reiterating a long standing talking point. Germany now spends 1.23 per cent, but this is being increased. Trump has accepted Merkel's invitation to the G-20 Summit, which will be held in Germany this summer. "I don't think we regret anything". Trump's embrace of Russian Federation, both as a candidate and as president, has further unnerved European leaders, who favors a tough approach to Moscow, including continued economic sanctions for its conduct in Ukraine. Merkel and her government have rejected those accusations as absurd.

The stark difference between their immigration policies surfaced again occasionally in the course of their news conference - with Trump pointedly asserting that "immigration is a privilege, not a right".

Mr. Trump and Ms. Merkel said they also agreed on a broad range of issues, including working together to defeat the Islamic State and other radical Islamic terrorist groups and seeking a resolution to Russia's annexation of Crimea. "We are supporters of free trade and not of protectionism", said Krueger in Geneva. "We need to be fair to each other".

"All I want is fairness", Trump said during the press conference. "I am a fair trader", he insisted.

Merkel said she wanted to speak with Trump, who was elected in November, about security and economic issues as well as about future worldwide cooperation. That's no surprise, as Trump has previously called Merkel a "catastrophic leader" and accused her of "ruining Germany", according to the Washington Post.

During the press conference the two leaders sought to highlight areas of agreement, though they looked far from pleased with one another.

The businesslike tone of their exchanges also illustrated the distance between the two leaders. Trump was unresponsive when Merkel leaned in for a handshake in the Oval Office at the request of photographers. But she didn't deny there were rifts. "Sometimes it's hard to find compromise, but that's what we've been elected for".

The German Chancellor began the briefing saying it was better to speak to each other than about each other, a clear reference to past criticisms both leaders had levelled over topics including immigration and fake news, issues they attempted to gloss over in the interest of diplomacy.

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