Angelina Jolie to marry a mystery man, Brad Pitt anxious about consequences

Pierre Vaugeois
Avril 17, 2017

Brad Pitt chains the reproachesIt's now the turn of Brad Pitt to accuse Angelina Jolie of neglecting their children. Well, the ongoing divorce and custody battle seems to be upsetting Jolie.

Most of Brad's exes probably never thought he'd be single again after Brangelina became a thing, which is why some of them are behaving so aggressively now that they've been proven wrong. The two stars would always communicate through their lawyers.

Angelina Jolie's illustrious career spanning over 23 years is widely recognized across the film industry. The little Vivienne would have injured her head under the supervision of the nanny while the little Knox was riding by bike not on the saddle but on the handlebars.

We'll have to see whether this leads anywhere, but it's hard to imagine Brad Pitt remaining single for long - even without his exes hitting up and trying to date him. The former couple fought for months about custody of their children.

The news of Mrs. Jolie ditching her acting career comes on the heels of the unconfirmed rumor that she is set to go head-to-head with her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, because she wants their six children to meet the new man she is dating.

Rubbishing rumours that she is not flirting with divorcing Brad Pitt, British actress Sienna Miller said that there is nothing romantic happening between them.

Jolie filed for divorce in September from Pitt, whom she'd been with since 2004, due to "irreconcilable differences". And do you think Brad Pitt will really declare war on Angelina Jolie?

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