Lawmakers warn UK to assess impact of 'no deal' Brexit

Claudine Rigal
Апреля 6, 2017

I would have said, "Yeah, it will start to come apart".

"What is crucial for the British public, what was part of the vote that they took previous year, was that they want to ensure that we have control of our borders and control of our immigration and that's exactly what we will do when we come out of the European Union".

May says she believes details of the "future partnership" can be sealed within two years.

In signs this week of the Brexit tensions that may surface, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said some within the ruling Conservative party oppose reaching an accord with the European Union and Manfred Weber, a German who is one of the bloc's leading lawmakers, said London's financial-markets business tied to the euro must be pared back after Britain leaves.

Michel Barnier told members of the European Parliament that the U.K.'s proposal for parallel talks on Brexit and a future trade agreement is "very risky".

Mrs May insisted it will be possible to reach clarity on the deal within two years.

The committee said Tuesday that "the government should conduct a thorough assessment of the economic, legal and other implications of leaving the European Union without a deal in place".

"Whatever future the UK-EU relationship looks like, we want the UK to remain a strong leader in Europe".

Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman, said: "We respect the will of the British electorate and her majesty's government in taking steps of departing the European Union".

With a consultative role in the negotiations that are due to get underway next month and veto power over any final agreement, the EU Parliament outlined its priorities on Wednesday for the two-year process that May triggered last week. "I think they have done a better job". Now they are backpedalling on trade deals. "So in just 12 months, we should finalize our schedule for summer 2019, which at present and without a rapid agreement between the parties, provides for numerous routes cuts to the United Kingdom", says the manager. His comments caused consternation in the assembly; in response, Mr. Farage said he could substitute the phrase "a bunch of gangsters" for "Mafia".

"Now, as they face reality, they are trying to downplay expectations".

Nigel Farage, one of the chief backers of Brexit, said Britain would not be held hostage by the parliament.

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