Trump, Without Evidence, Says He Thinks Susan Rice Committed A Crime

Alain Brian
Avril 18, 2017

President Trump says that President Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime by unmasking names of Trump associates in USA intelligence reports collected by intelligence agencies.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is calling for former National Security Advisor Susan Rice to "testify under oath" after reports broke indicating that she used her power to spy on President Trump's associates during campaign season.

How does incidental collection occur? After the Benghazi massacre, which left four Americans, including a USA ambassador, dead, Rice was paraded around the TV shows. In some cases, Americans will be named in these discussions or be on the other end of the conversation with a foreigner under surveillance. In others, the target may mention the name of a US citizen or personal information about her.

What happens to this information? But there are some likely explanations for why Rice would have been briefed on intelligence involving the incoming administration.

As Herridge notes in her piece, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who temporarily stepped away from leading the investigation into Russia Thursday morning, expressed deep concern about the details in the reports he presented to the White House.

Disclosing any of the classified contents of intelligence collected under the authorities of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, is illegal.

How does this pertain to Rice? "The effort to ask for the identity of an American citizen is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances".

Rice reportedly asked to unmask the identities of people affiliated with the Trump campaign and transition "on dozens of occasions", according to the Bloomberg report.

He clearly sees a chance in this Trump-Russia controversy - all of which stems from a tweet by the President alleging he had been wiretapped by President Barack Obama - to score political points on the idea that the government is listening to everyone all the time and that it is a very bad thing indeed.

No, and Trump provided none. Rice has denied leaking the names of Trump's associates under surveillance by US intelligence agencies. But she would not say whether she saw intelligence on President Donald Trump's associates or whether she asked for their identities, saying that information would be classified.

But there is no evidence of that, NBC News reported, and Rice denied the allegation in her interview.

Alexander told NBC News he routinely turned down requests for unmasking by senior officials in the Bush and Obama administrations.

Not necessarily. Intelligence agency lawyers would need to sign off on such a request. But he said it was clear to the intelligence-gathering agencies (CIA, NSA and FBI) who they were responding to.

In an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday, however, she explained how requesting the identities of USA officials in intelligence reports was sometimes necessary to do for her job as national security adviser.

The White House has tried to use the allegations of politically-motivated spying to shift focus away from the FBI and congressional investigations into possible Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation.

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