5 people hospitalized after eating gas station nacho cheese

Evrard Martin
Mai 20, 2017

Sacramento County health officials assert Kelly is not the only case diagnosed with botulism, as at least five cases were hospitalized after eating nacho cheese purchased from Valley Oak Food and Fuel in the Sacramento suburb of Walnut Grove, Sacramento County Health and Human Services Department said. An investigation is now ongoing to establish the cause nonetheless.

According to a news release by Sacramento County Health and Human Services, an investigation is now underway as several other people have been admitted to hospitals with food-borne botulism.

Lavinia Kelly, who turned 33 on May 17, is in the hospital, partially paralyzed and hooked up to a ventilator after contracting botulism - a rare case of food poisoning that is transmitted through food.

Lavinia Kelly's three kids and the rest of her family have watched her struggle to regain even the slightest function as the toxins she swallowed attacked her nerve endings.

According to Ricky Torres, Lavinia's boyfriend, Lavinia was on her way home from work on April 21, when she stopped at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station to grab a quick bite to eat. A local report states that Kelly felt worn out within hours of consuming the nacho cheese, but it was only the day after that she went to Sutter Medical Center, complaining of double vision and was sent home just a few hours after.

Officials have since temporarily revoked the gas station's permit to sell food and drink.

Though she was sent home, a few hours later, Kelly was having breathing problems and was vomiting. By Friday, that number had increased to nine with a tenth person being tested.

And the family has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the gas station for negligence.

Foodborne botulism thrives and produces the toxin in environments with little oxygen, such as in canned food. According to the Centers for Disease Control, botulism is caused by a toxin produced by bacteria. "Maybe one eyelid is dragging", Dr. Sean Townsend at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco said of botulism symptoms, WABC reported.

Attorneys haven't estimated how much in damages the family will seek, but noted that past botulism cases have been resolved for millions of dollars. But things took a deadly turn when Lavinia ate contaminated food. "That's an essential question". Employees have not responded to requests for comment.

"They're acquiring astounding medical bills", Clark said.

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