Ainge's patience pays off with Celtics' draft lottery win

Solenn Plantier
Mai 19, 2017

It's all coming up Celtics, and the possibilities are endless. They would have had to trade it to Philadelphia if it fell outside the top three.

In the first hour of the Lo-Down the guys talked about last night's NBA Lottery and talked about the Kings getting the 5th pick in the NBA Draft. With the Cleveland Cavaliers still considered the top team in the NBA Eastern Conference, the Celtics need players that have produced, and will continue to do so.

Although, things could get concerning when it comes to small forward T.J. Even though they had the third worst record in the National Basketball Association this season - only the Phoenix Suns (24-58) and Brooklyn Nets (20-62) finished below them in the standings - there was a 53.1 percent chance that their pick would fall out of the top three in the upcoming draft. The Lakers own No.

Also, the superstar will be paid a lot of money, which means the team will hit the luxury tax if the money is counted against the cap. "So now the fans back home can breathe a little easier".

What Boston actually does with this pick will be anyone's guess.

It's a result of the trade with Brooklyn that keeps on giving.

As for the Nets, they did not participate in the lottery but have two picks in the first round of the draft, to be held June 22 at (where else?) Barclays Center. Fultz, a 6-foot-4 combo guard from Washington (the alma mater of Celtics star point guard Isaiah Thomas), is garnering the most hype for now. His 23.2 points-per-game average included 41.3-percent from 3-point range. But as far as headlines go, even D'Angelo Russell followers will have to admit the player the franchise could well bring in will be a historic producer.

That's where Ball comes in. Ball told ESPN, "Markelle's a great player, but I feel I'm better than him". He's been compared to Jason Kidd.

The Celtics faced long rebuilding process but steadily improved to win top seeding in the Eastern Conference this year. Brooklyn was desperate to contend, and Boston is still reaping the benefits. "If you can acquire a Paul George, Jimmy Butler, or Gordon [Hayward] from Utah, you have to do it". Ainge will undoubtedly be receiving constant calls from around the league.

'And look what I leave behind for the Celts on my way out No 1 pick, ' Pierce wrote on Twitter, followed by some celebratory emojis.

"I think there's gonna be probably fifty kids that are going to be in this draft that are going to be really well known". It's very fun, it's very exciting.

The Celtics were able to get this trade done by being in the right place at the right time. The value of this pick would have been a good starting point in a deal for Chicago to make if the Bulls wanted to start a rebuild.

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