Bill O'Reilly Announces Return of Podcast on Monday

Pierre Vaugeois
Мая 2, 2017

One of Bill O'Reilly's accusers says she felt triumphant when the Fox News Channel host was sacked following an investigation into claims of harassment by women.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, O'Reilly raked in roughly $500 million for Fox News in his entire stay with the network, which began back in 1996, thanks to the advertisers who placed their trust on the news icon. President of Rochester's National Organization for Women, Jacyln Richar, d says although the conversation about sexual harassment and women in the workplace has started there is still more to be done. In my more than 20 years at Fox News Channel, no one has ever filed a complaint about me with the Human Resources Department, even on the anonymous hotline.

Some of the women who accused O'Reilly of harassment brought lawsuits to him, which were eventually settled out of court.

His website also features the statement sent to media outlets after Fox News made his firing official, in which he called it "tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims". "I just spent 5 bucks to eat a double quarter pounder with cheese, and boy would a do that a million times over than have a subscription to O'Reilly's podcast". "I'm still reeling from the loss of Bill O'Reilly", Colbert said as he performed a little happy dance to show his disappointment.

Fox would have the kind of money it is supposedly offering O'Reilly, to throw around. And so I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children.

"If you do the math, that is twice as much as they paid his accusers", Colbert said.

O'Reilly, who has been off the air on vacation since early last week, reportedly will receive a payout of up to $25 million from Fox News, a source said Thursday. "It speaks to a company that has recognized that the best business decision for them is to end their relationship with Bill O'Reilly".

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