Blizzard Releasing Regular And Limited Edition Overwatch Art Book Later This Year

Alain Brian
Mai 16, 2017

"Dark Horse is proud to partner with Blizzard to give fans an action-packed art book full of never-before-seen art and commentary", reads the book's official description. The art book is said to "reveal the creative process" behind Overwatch. The standard edition will run $49.99 while the Limited Edition will cost $100 but will ship with a clamshell box, an acetate slipcover with a silhouette of Tracer as well as three additional prints. The book, simply called The Art of Overwatch, will be releasing this October. You can pre-order both from Amazon now.

The comic book anthology, meanwhile, will be a hardcover collection of the first 12 issues of the Overwatch comic series.

Overwatch is the recent release from Blizzard Entertainment, it features 24 characters spanning from across the globe in an attempt to save the human race. That anthology now has an October 10 release date and a price of $19.99.

For lore nerds, the comics thus far explore such questions as how Bastion joined the team, why Ana disappeared, and where Tracer got her catchphrase (you know the one - about the cavalry). Whichever version you choose, you're sure to get massive amounts of joy from indulging in the illustrations and developer backstories behind your favorite characters.

It's not clear exactly what sort of new information, if any, will be revealed in these books, but it's likely we'll see the ways in which Overwatch evolved out of Titan, Blizzard's online game that was scrapped after it floundered in development for several years.

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