Corbyn would be 'alone and naked' in Brexit talks, May claims

Xavier Trudeau
Mai 31, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for repeatedly failing to provide the cost of Labour's key childcare policy during an interview to promote it and condemned a backlash from supporters against the line of questioning.

Jeremy Corbyn is not prepared for Brexit talks that will start within days of the General Election and would find himself "alone and naked" in the negotiations, Theresa May has claimed.

Mrs May's speech came amid reports that campaign chief Sir Lynton Crosby has told her to refocus the campaign on the choice of leader to oversee Brexit, after a clutch of polls showed Labour narrowing the gap in the race for Number 10.

Mr Corbyn also condemned the abuse of presenter Emma Barnett online, some of which was apparently anti-Semitic, and costed the policy at £4.8 billion by the end of the next parliament, scheduled to end in 2022.

Turning her fire directly on her rival for the premiership, Mrs May said: "He is simply not ready to govern and not prepared to lead". He is not prepared to give the police the powers they need to keep us safe.

"And with Brexit negotiations due to begin only 11 days after polling day, he is not prepared for those negotiations".

Corbyn, leader of the leftist Labour Party who is standing on a platform of higher taxes on the wealthy, higher public spending and higher investment, stumbled over how much money it would take to broaden provision of free child care in a BBC radio interview. Prepared to do what is necessary to protect and defend our country.

To raucous laughter from supporters, she added: "Now, I know that's an image that doesn't bear thinking about, but actually this is very serious".

Mrs May said she would be ready "from day one" to work on a new "deep and special relationship" with the European Union, a contrast to Mr Corbyn, who she said had "no plan for Brexit".

Now she said he was promising to rip up the Government's Brexit white paper and bin its Great Repeal Bill, setting back the negotiation process further.

"If you don't like what a reporter says or asks me, or anybody else, understand the question they're asking, we will all do our best to answer those questions, but under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone throw personal abuse at anyone else because they are doing the job that they have been employed to do and I will not tolerate it under any circumstances".

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