Fights and Fires Break Out as Another Statue Falls in NOLA

Claudine Rigal
Mai 18, 2017

In fact, that writer, Quin Hillyer, who a long history of opinion pieces ranging from National Review to the Washington Esquire feels so upset about Landrieu's decision, that during a Facebook Live event with me earlier today, he said that Landrieu's handling of the Beauregard monument that sat on the edges of City Park, makes the Mayor "lower than cow dung". It is unclear when, or if, the base will be removed.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, supporters waved Confederate battle flags at a recent city council meeting in support of keeping the monument in place.

"There's a reason why in 1960, New Orleans had 680,000 people, and now Houston and Atlanta dwarf us.they are more inclusive and progressive cities", Landrieu said. Usually, in New Orleans, we're really sad when we see a family restaurant of 50 years go. "They have to be put in historical context and we will receive a number of different ideas, and the city will consider that".

New Orleans police said they arrested the man as they were spraying graffiti in red lettering on the base of the monument that read "Gen. Beauregard CSA".

"Our overall mission is historic preservation, historic site management, promoting the culture of Louisiana and its history regardless of how unique and colorful that history might be", he said.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu first proposed removing the monuments in 2015, and the City Council approved the move that year. Lee in one of the city's parks.

There's only one Confederate monument remaining - the Robert E. Lee statue that towers over Lee Circle.

Last minute appeals - the vocal kind - were made Tuesday by members of the Monumental Task Committee, apparently to no avail.

City officials have already removed a statue of Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy's only president, and a memorial to a white rebellion against a biracial Reconstruction-era government in the city.

The prominence of the Lee statue may draw larger crowds of protesters, though the city was able to handle the presence of competing groups of demonstrators there earlier this month without any major issues. A Civil District Court judge refused to issue an injunction to stop the impending removal, leading monument advocates to seek a temporary restraining order.

In St. Louis, the mayor is reportedly considering the possibility of removing a 1914 monument commemorating Confederate youth but is being held up by the cost. Three depict individuals deeply influential within the Confederacy, and the fourth honors an insurrection of mostly Confederate veterans who battled against the City's racially integrated police and state militia.

It took nearly 7 hours for workers to strap the statue of confederate general PGT Beauregard and his horse to a crane and lift it onto a flatbed truck.

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