First 'Wonder Woman' Reactions Are In - Read the Reviews!

Pierre Vaugeois
Mai 20, 2017

Warner Bros released a new TV spot for Wonder Woman today while Collider has a huge batch of images. Now, that goes contrary to the earlier rumors that it was "salvageable" and potentially another failure in the making on DC's part.

"We didn't want to make Steve the damsel in distress, and we wanted them to have a very equal relationship", explained Gadot. Wonder Woman is one of the few female superheroes to lead her own film, which means the usual dynamic of a powerful dude saving a hot girl was hard to turn on its head without making Pine seem. like a wimp?

Gal Gadot's standalone DC Comics movie is getting very positive reviews and many reporters are calling it the best film in the DC universe thus far.

"It's just reminding everyone how things should be", she said of her character's pc naiveté. Second, that is one hell of a statement... or, is it? I can finally tell you. Some have likened Gal Gadot's turn as Wonder Woman to Christopher Reeve's in "Superman" - just as good, wholesome, non-emo take on a beloved superhero. We get some great looks at the detail of the Amazonians outfits and Doctor Poison.

Such DC creatives as Cliff Chiang and Marc Andreyko will also participate in the Wonder Woman Day events. It has no choice but to succeed.

More Wonder Woman artwork can be seen at Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City, where local award-winning artist Sonny Liew's illustrations of the Amazonian Princess are on display. The film is scheduled for release beginning June 2, 2017, and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Captain Marvel is still way out, and was even delayed. She's as attractive as any woman and as strong as any man. Or burning bras. Or hating men.

More than the aquatic fish-out-of-water tales, Superman was the overarching guide for Wonder Woman. Another key figure in Diana's upbringing is Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and previous trailers have revealed the poignant mother-daughter relationship that's set to light up the silver screen on June 2nd.

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