Fox fires panelist Beckel for racially insensitive remark

Pierre Vaugeois
Mai 20, 2017

The development marks the second high-profile departure of Beckel from Fox News.

The cable network announced on Friday that it has dismissed Bob Beckel for "making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee".

He returned to the network in 2017 after working for CNN, but will now part with Fox for good.

FOX News' The Five may have to be called The Three soon. The Five co-host was informed this morning that he would not longer be working at FNC. He'd been ousted in June 2015 while dealing with substance abuse, with then-Fox executive Bill Shine saying Fox "couldn't hold "The Five" hostage to one man's personal issues".

"As Mr. Wigdor knows, Fox News made the decision to terminate Mr. Beckel after a prompt and thorough investigation". Beckel tried to persuade the worker to withdraw the complaint in front of Kevin Lord, who oversees human resources at the network, the lawyers said. Lord responded and began the investigation. The commentator rejoined the network in January and Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch said at the time that he was "missed" by fans of the network. "No one tried to persuade Mr Wigdor's client to withdraw his complaint".

This latest firing at FNC comes as the legally besieged and scandal tainted outlet tries to recover from on-going accusations of sexual and racial harassment.

Maybe it's a sign that Fox News, after years of covering for Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, is being extra vigilant about questionable behavior exhibited by old white men on the payroll.

Fox has previously denied the allegations behind the suit.

Beckel joined Fox News as a co-host of The Five in 2011.

The source said an African-American IT staffer was working on Beckel's computer when some sort of exchange occurred and the host made an insensitive remark.

TheWrap is reporting that Fox News' human resources department learned of the incident on Tuesday evening.

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