France's Le Pen to run for parliament with party in disarray

Xavier Trudeau
Mai 20, 2017

"So the best assurance is to have National Front (FN) lawmakers", she said.

She said Macron's choice of prime minister shows a "holy alliance" between left and right and continues to try to keep alive a system she wants to break.

"I can not imagine not leading my troops in this fundamental battle", she said.

Macron revealed his new cabinet this week, with a mix of Socialist, centrist and Republican parties.

The party was due on Monday to present its list of candidates for parliamentary elections that take place in two rounds on June 11 and 18.

Le Pen's heavy electoral defeat has prompted soul-searching within the far-right FN with some blaming her commitment to quitting the euro zone for the outcome.

Marine Le Pen's 33.9 percent showing against Macron weakened her standing in the party, even though she racked up a historic 10.6 million votes.

Ms Le Pen's failure has plunged the National Front into turmoil, with senior figures in revolt over the party's pledge to ditch the euro.

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