Get ready for new Apple laptops next month

Alain Brian
Mai 17, 2017

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported that Cupertino will announce internal makeovers for its laptops at the annual developers conference, which is scheduled for June 5-9. However, many Apple loyalists have complained about certain aspects of the new MacBook Pros, so the company could be eager to show them it's listening.

The company will refresh the MacBook Pro with new seventh-gen processors from Intel, the newest available, according to Bloomberg. Apple really wants you to think of the 13-inch MacBook Pro as the Air's successor. An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the rumors. The smartphone accounts for almost two-thirds of Apple's revenue while the Mac lineup accounts for about one-tenth of it. But Macs are key to retaining the business of loyalists and the creative industries - the cornerstone of Apple's resurgence at the turn of the millennium under Steve Jobs. In addition, the high-end device is also rumored to come in a gold-colored variant. This month, Microsoft Corp. debuted the Surface Laptop, which boots up in seconds, has a touch screen and runs on a more stable version of Windows. This year, however, WWDC will be a tad more exciting. According to a fresh report from Bloomberg, Apple at WWDC may announce three new notebooks, including a updated MacBook Pro, a new MacBook model, and last but not least, a new MacBook Air. The last time Apple redesigned the MacBook Air was almost seven years ago and the recently updated 2016 MacBook Pro was released a lengthy 500 days after the previous version. The keyboard isn't as good as the one in the most recent MacBook Pro either.

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Apple's current 13-inch MacBook Air includes a fifth-generation Intel Core processor (based on the Broadwell architecture), which means that in terms of the processor inside of it, it is woefully out of date. The laptops shipped with Skylake CPUs, but there's no reason not to update the laptops with the new CPUs.

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