Grown-ups brawl at high school graduation in Tennessee

Evrard Martin
Mai 19, 2017

People on social media said the fight started over a request to switch seats.

While Arlington High School graduates marched into Bellevue Baptist Church to cheers and high fives, a few family members were throwing punches a few rows away as a fight broke out during the graduation celebration.

High school graduation is a momentous occasion, and the ceremonies are often filled with excitement, pride, and at least a few happy tears.

He said the woman in the brown dress reportedly told them they couldn't save the seats and wouldn't back down.

It's unclear if any of the people involved will face any charges but they were removed by Bellevue's security team. As of Wednesday morning, there were no definite reports as to whether either of the women captured on video were charged with any crimes. While advocating on her friend's behalf she pointedly reminds the man he is not in uniform nor did he show the handcuffed woman a badge. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

The man filming says: 'It's a graduation.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office said they did not respond to the fight, and that the church had its own security there. Then, the person behind the camera hears commotion and films the fight that broke out in the middle of the audience. "And I was just sitting there like wow", Adams told local reporters.

"Last night we celebrated 500 students who graduated from Arlington High School". She deemed it "unfortunate" that a handful of adults attending the graduation ceremony engaged in such inappropriate behavior.

All this happening during the Arlington High School graduation procession. The 2017 senior class earned more than $30,600,000 in college scholarship money, Mason also proudly noted.

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