Harry Styles rocks out with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

Pierre Vaugeois
Mai 20, 2017

Late Late Show host James Corden noted the last time Harry Styles was in his auto for someCarpool Karaoke he was joined by a few friends.

"Hilarious!" Justin wrote of Harry's skit with James, revealing that he's also a big fan of the singer's debut solo album which he dropped last week.

The funniest part of the entire vehicle ride had to be when Styles and James Corden played the leads in some well-known romance movies.

Bosses were so impressed with Corden's performance this year he's been hired to reprise his role for next year's ceremony. The singer then plays Kate Winslet's character Rose from the epic movie Titanic, and asks Corden, playing Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack, to "draw me like one of your French girls".

Channelling the Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke, Corden and Styles also tried on a number of outfits in the auto, with Corden marvelling at how Styles can make anything look cool. At one point, Styles even delivered his own opening monologue, taking the opportunity to swipe at president Donald Trump.

This means we're treated to him and James belting out a number of songs from his eponymously-titled debut solo album, including his recent number one single 'Sign Of The Times" and album track "Sweet Creature' (his mum's favourite, bless).

He started laughing as he admitted that emotionally he left somewhere else after the song ended.

"It makes me cry performing it sometimes". Following the song, James put his hand on Harry's cheek, saying: "Why can't I quit you?" The powerful performance ends with Corden stroking Styles' cheek. "You're Julia Roberts, I'm Hugh Grant", Corden explained.

James confirmed: "I've arranged for Mr. Harry Styles, he's going to help me get to work on Thursday in a brand new "Carpool Karaoke", you don't want to miss it".

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