Ivanka Trump to take part in presidential trip

Xavier Trudeau
Mai 20, 2017

Trump has called his first foreign trip "crucial", despite the fact the trip couldn't come at a worst time for the President: His administration is now consumed by the naming of a special counsel by the Justice Department to look into Russia's connections to the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Syrian sources claim that the latest USA air strike was carried out to protect militants being trained by American special forces inside Syrian territory.

This is the president's first worldwide trip, but Ivanka Trump made a brief trip to Germany in April to appear on a panel at a conference dedicated to helping women in business. That's a risky topic to tackle, and if Trump delivers poorly chosen phrasing or tone, it could prove highly damaging. "He's already a president viewed skeptically by much of the world".

"The speech is meant to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America's commitment to our Muslim partners", McMaster said.

The official said the speech has been put together through a collaborative process inside the White House, but that Miller was the primary author. Officials say the message is "unity". "This is more delicate because it's a religion you're talking about".

Miller, who traveled with Trump on the campaign trail and penned many of his speeches, has advocated a nationalist ideology that seeks to limit immigration to people who share what he considers to be American values. He led a "Terrorism Awareness Project" at Duke University, warned of "Islamofascism" and argued that there was a "holy war being waged against us". No president has ever visited the homelands and holy sites of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths all on the same trip.

Trump's political ascent was fueled by similar anti-Muslim sentiments.

On foreign policy, the president has pulled back spectacularly from his most provocative campaign pledges, towards a stance in many respects similar to his predecessor Barack Obama.

"This could be the greatest Trojan horse".

"We have in the commander-in-chief, in the president, truly the master of the deal", he said. In the story, they dipped bullets in pigs' blood, loaded their rifles and firing them at the insurgents.

But however powerful the images of Trump's globe-trotting turn out to be, they have little chance of eclipsing the scandals convulsing his White House back home. And it's not just the bragging rights Trump gets when he goes to his own properties: Staffers know his meal preferences and the exact temperature he likes a room set at.

Henderson said Saudi Arabia wants to further develop its relationship with the US politically and militarily.

Trump's itinerary is heavy with religious symbolism.

"Relations between states and nations must be based on equality and mutual respect". Dow Chemical's CEO was traveling to Saudi Arabia with Trump. For the Obama administration, it was important to support women's rights, human rights and civil society.

Still, Trump hasn't been eager to seize the opportunity. The record arsenal of weapons that Trump is bringing to Saudi Arabia will only embolden its House of Saud tinpot dictators to pursue even more confrontation with Iran. It was a high-profile trip: Obama was there to attend the funeral of the late Saudi King Abdullah at a time when the Washington-Riyadh relationship was strained for a number of factors, including the US attempt to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.

"It will be very interesting to see if human rights and democracy will be completely ignored in this speech", Abrams said.

Trump has made no such entreaties. Russian state media reports that Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has said that Melania, a former model, is welcome to wear "any style in clothing" she wants in the country.

But officials said the equipment and training is mainly created to address Saudi Arabia's broader and longer-term threats.

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