Judge: Mistakes made in Kirkersville killer's release

Evrard Martin
Mai 18, 2017

The guns were found Friday at the home of 43-year-old Thomas Hartless by sheriff's deputies and investigators from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation hours after the killings at a nursing home in Kirkersville, The Newark Advocate reported. Nurse's aide Cindy Krantz was killed with a shotgun.

Medrano, who previously dated Hartless, had obtained a civil protection order against him after his latest release from jail.

Twenty-one of the weapons found at the Utica home were shotguns and 20 were rifles, according to search warrants obtained by the Newark Advocate.

After being found guilty of three misdemeanor charges of domestic violence in March, Higgins sentenced Hartless to 90 days in jail.

Although an investigation into the shooting is ongoing, police believe it was related to a prior relationship Hartless had with one of the people he killed, nurse Marlina Medrano. He was freed on April 12.

"I am not trying to validate why he acted the way he did", Medrano's letter said.

He promises it won't be a whitewash - he said, "Mistakes were made over here", and "it's important for the families and the public to understand what happened". "With intense therapy, medication compliance and lifestyle changes, I am most confident we can and will overcome our struggles".

DiSario will be laid to rest after a funeral in Grove City on Saturday.

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