Kate Middleton and Princes Cheered So Hard at the London Marathon

Pierre Vaugeois
Mai 2, 2017

The video showcases the three royals sitting at a picnic table at the palace discussing their work regarding mental health advocacy, diving right into their personal experiences.

Mentioning William, he added: "You always said to me "you've got to sit down and think about those memories", but to me it was like: 'Don't want to think about it'".

She said: "It's the same with younger children, and helping parents to start these conversations from a much earlier age, but through play, even if their language hasn't yet developed".

'I always thought, what's the point of bringing up something that's only going to make you sad. It ain't gonna change it.

At first, it looks like a sunny family chat, with Britain's young royals Kate Middleton, Prince William and brother Harry casually dressed and huddled on a park bench. I put that down to your early years but also the relationship you've got.

The prince said he was "very close to a complete breakdown" many times in his life and wanted to turn violence to cope with his pain and suffering.

They also acknowledged how their mother's death had brought them closer to each other.

Commenting on the Duchess's admission, Ms Hesz said: "It's not surprising because we do know all mums feel that, and it doesn't matter where you live. Someone has to lead and has to be fearless enough to force that conversation". Kate Middleton is expected to start preparing the little prince's school outfit.

Prince Harry told Kate that ever since the death of their beloved mother, Harry and William both refused to talk about the topic.

Kate was joined by husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry as they met with students from the Global Academy in Hayes, west London, to promote their Heads Together mental health initiative.

Finally, Prince William declared Global's Academy officially open, unveiling the original microphone that was commissioned for his great grandfather, King George VI.

All this, for a series of videos for the #OkToSay campaign, live-streamed to create awareness about mental health issues.

Recently the British royalty committed itself to evolving preconceived ideas around mental illnesses.

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