Maine Coon could be world's longest cat, eats kangaroo meat

Alain Brian
Mai 19, 2017

Since then owner Stephanie Hirst's Melbourne maine coon has become an online sensation - and may now be about to break a world record.

Three-year-old Omar, who has amassed over 12,000 followers within two weeks of joining social media, now weighs a whopping 14 kilograms and is reportedly 120 centimetres long - a mere 1.67 centrimetres longer than the current record holder, Ludo.

Guinness said of the Maine Coon breed: "There is a myth, impossible in reality, but encouraged by its typical brown tabby colouring and abundant fur, that it resulted from matings between semi-wild cats and raccoons".

As for Omar's diet, the ME coon eats two scoops of kibble for breakfast and raw kangaroo for dinner.

Hirst told The Herald Sun that Omar was the same size as all the other kittens in his litter when he was taken home in 2013.

But being Instagram-famous, or even world-famous, doesn't seem to be high on Omar's list of priorities.

At 120cms long, Omar appears odds on to eclipse the current 118cm record-holder from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

However, Ms Hirst believes that her feline would prefer to return to its relaxed life before it found fame.

An Australian cat may be the world's longest.

That's a big-ass cat.

Omar's owner Stephy only set up his Instagram just a couple of weeks ago but after being discovered by the Cats of Instagram account, it attracted a whole load of fans.

What's it take for a cat to grow so long it's in contention for a Guinness World Record?

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