Mom assaults son for not making her a Mother's Day card, arrested

Evrard Martin
Mai 15, 2017

When Murphy found out it was not for her, she tore up the card up and repeatedly hit him in the head. Officers said the grandmother told them her daughter slapped her grandson multiple times around the head.

Murphy's children told police that their mother hit them on a regular basis and that they lived in fear of her.

A SC woman was arrested Thursday for hitting her son, police say.

When asked why she hit him, she said 'because she could, ' and that he had behavioral problems in school and she wants to discipline him, according to WSPA.

Murphy started ripping up the card, her daughter told cops, then hit her son several times on the head.

Spartanburg Police Department officers say they saw a handwritten card torn to pieces at the scene where the grandmother was there with the two children.

She said she hit him in the head, but didn't think it was hard or violent, according to the report. Murphy was released Friday according to online records, but she could not be reached for comment.

The boy was taken to the hospital and later released, reports said.

Today, she's facing a child cruelty charge in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

According to court records, a bond hearing was held for Murphy on Friday, and as of Saturday evening she is not listed on the inmate roster for Spartansburg County Sherrif's Office.

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