'Obama Day' Passes State Legislature, But You Won't Get The Day Off

Pierre Vaugeois
Mai 20, 2017

The Legislature in Barack Obama's home state has chose to honor the 44th president's birthday.

The bill that now heads to Gov. Rauner for his signature before it is official will not require any special observation by state or local governments, but does set aside August 4 specifically as a day to recognize the accomplishments of Obama as he rose from an IL state senator to president of the United States.

The plan would designate August 4 as Barack Obama Day.

An 87-0 House vote Friday means the plan to honor the Democratic president now heads to Republican Rauner's desk.

Previously, the House had rejected a measure to make Obama's birthday an official state holiday, meaning state facilities and schools would close.

Rauner had opposed the measure, saying it would cost too much to shut down offices during a time of tough financial constraints for the state. Many Republicans refused to vote for a bill that would give state workers and students the day off.

"It's incredibly proud for Illinois that the president came from Illinois", Rauner said, when other similar bills failed. "He deserves this honor", said Rep. Steve Andersson, R-Geneva.

The Senate passed SB 55 in March without a single no vote.

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