Overwatch: 3 New Maps Revealed

Claudine Rigal
Mai 20, 2017

Since it is "Overwatch's" one-year anniversary, Blizzard has now revealed some new stuff for the fans.

New maps and skins are great, but the Overwatch Anniversary Event understands what loyal players really want: more dancing.

After showing off three new maps that are part of the event next week, Blizzard also teased some new skins, emotes, and voice lines across separate regional Overwatch social accounts.

The rest of the interview is a good read for Overwatch players, as it touched upon topics such as incentives for competitive play, seasonal events, the Overwatch League, and many more. The "Overwatch" anniversary event will run through June 12. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, however, that's about to change.

While it would be unusual to launch a sequel just a year and a half after the original Overwatch, Blizzard and Activision have shown lately they're open to producing sequels to other continually-developed games, like Destiny 2 and the recent Heroes of the Storm 2.0 huge update. "So our first season started with "Recall" and ended with 'The Last Bastion.'" According to Kaplan, the team is "hard at work on more of those" and "making good progress". "It's like the biggest treat that we get to do and our animation team is like wickedly talented - that's a different team from the Overwatch team", Kaplan said in an interview on Reddit. On the Xbox One, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to participate and we'll share more details next week ahead of the event. At the time, however, there is no exact timeline or slated release date for when the next animated shorts will arrive but they are sure to take over the Internet when they do.

Overwatch came out May 24, 2016 and quickly became one of the top five most popular games in the world.

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