Pope canonizes 2 children who claimed to see Virgin of Fatima

Claudine Rigal
Mai 16, 2017

Despite his personal doubts, the pope said that the "spiritual and pastoral facts can not be denied: People go there and convert, people who find God, who change their lives". The pontiff will canonize on Saturday two poor, ill.

The Vatican recently sent a new envoy to inquire into the situation in Medjugorje, "above all the needs of the faithful who go there on pilgrimage", but he will not be tasked with verifying the authenticity of the apparitions, AFP says.

The Pope will leave Fatima soon after Saturday's mass, ending a 24-hour trip.

The Vatican, for instance, has yet to recognise the reported continuous apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the Bosnian town of Medjugorje.

Jose Ornelas, a 59-year-old librarian from Caracas, which along with other cities has seen deadly anti-regime protests, said: "We are going to pray to Fatima and Pope Francis so that they can intervene for a peaceful solution for Venezuela". All three commissions concluded that they could not affirm that a supernatural event was occurring in the town.

Pope Francis' trips overseas often have geopolitical or ecumenical undertones.

During the visit, the pope was to preside over the canonisation ceremony of two of the young seers, Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta Marto.

Pope Francis waves to the crowd after the "Urbi et Orbi" blessing for Rome and the world from the central loggia of St Peters' basilica following the Easter Sunday mass on April 16, 2017 at St Peter's square in Vatican. "Do not be ashamed of being a precious treasure of the Church".

Portugal has boosted security and reimposed border controls, suspending the Schengen open borders pact.

President Donald Trump (left) and Pope Francis.

Six thousand police officers patrolled the area and concrete blocks have been placed to protect the pilgrims.

One hundred years ago, three Portuguese shepherd children said the Virgin Mary appeared to them in Fatima, and the pontiff is visiting the shrine on the centenary of the "visions".

Celebrating Mass in Fátima, Portugal, Saturday morning, 100 years after three shepherd children reported seeing an apparition of the Virgin Mary there, Pope Francis canonized two of the visionaries as saints, saying Mary had given them a still-timely warning and message of hope. "These children received it worthily, so to be recognized as reliable witnesses to the apparitions and to become models of Christian life".

Over the past several days, church groups, families and individuals have made their way to Fatima, 90 miles north of Lisbon.

It's clear that the income derived from thousands of pilgrims who flock to Medjugorje every year has a lot of value for the local economy, however, regardless of the skepticism of the church's leader and other high-ranking Catholics who have investigated the story.

The first two secrets were revealed soon and concerned a vision of hell, seen by believers as a prediction of the outbreak of World War II, a warning that Russian Federation would "spread her errors" in the world, and a need for general conversion to God and prayer, Reuters reported.

He then stood silently for almost 10 minutes, gazing at the image of Our Lady, before taking a seat and, with head bowed, praying the Rosary along with the faithful gathered in Fatima for the centenary.

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