Pyre Ready to Launch This Summer on July 25th

Alain Brian
Mai 31, 2017

Since Transistor is, in my opinion, one of the most atmospheric and beautifully animated games in recent memory, I have high hopes for this one. Characters in Pyre come in all shapes and sizes, from hulking demons grown strong from their struggle to survive, to the winged Harps, who plot against their enemies from their mountain nests.

Pyre is a fantastical game about a caravan of exiles seeking a return to their home by performing a series of competitive rituals pitting them against fellow nomads.

On the PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Greg Kasavin said they're putting the finishing touches on Pyre, which is the biggest game they've ever created, and it will include a Platinum Trophy. Who shall return to glory, and who shall remain in exile to the end of their days?

That's only half of the game, however, as the rest of Pyre is a piece of interactive fiction in which players must make decisions about which route to take, resources to exhaust, currency to spend, and how to interact with the colourful characters you meet along the way. If you fail you don't lose progress and you continue your journey of redemption.

After the single-player campaign, you can also play additional Rites matches with the game's AI or with a friend.

The Downside has a variety of different regions you'll get to explore in your quest for freedom.

The studio has been working on the game for three years, and it is great to see a game studio unafraid to challenge themselves with an entirely new gameplay style for each game so far. It is not entirely clear what this means, if the narrative simply fits in your death and you are born anew regardless, much like in Bastion, or if it is something else.

The team over at Supergiant Games has done quite a bit in its short tenure, first giving us the unique adventure Bastion, then following that up with the even more extravagant Transistor. We can not wait for you to try it and hear what you think.

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