Rubio not optimistic on prospects of Middle East peace

Claudine Rigal
Mai 29, 2017

Standing with Trump after their talk in Abbas' presidential residence, Abbas said that Palestinians "are committed to working with you to reach a historic peace deal between us and Israel".

U.S. president Donald Trump flew out of Israel on Tuesday declaring that the United States believes that both Israel and the Palestinians, backed by moderate Sunni states, want to achieve peace.

Trump was warmly welcomed today in Bethlehem by President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.

Trump claimed that his meetings with both Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed to efforts toward peace.

Trump left Israel on Tuesday extolling the prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement but leaving no clear indication of how he plans to bring to it fruition.

President Donald Trump wrapped up a 2-day visit to Israel and the West Bank on Tuesday without evidence of progress toward renewing talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Speaking in Jerusalem at the Israel Museum Tuesday, Trump issued a warning to Iran, whose leadership has called for the destruction of Israel.

I even met a Palestinian woman yesterday who said she read Trump's book "How to Get Rich". They are losers. And we will have more of them.

The worldwide community regards all Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories as illegal and a major obstacle to Middle East peace.

Trump offered no new proposals or a timeline for negotiations on peace in the Middle East.

"The conflict is not between religions", Mr. Abbas said.

The president spoke about signs he's sees that both sides are serious about wanting peace between their peoples.

However he did not mention what has always been the goal of USA diplomacy in the region - a two-state solution to the conflict: Israel and a Palestinian state. Trump landed and took off from Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport, which is located about eight miles from Tel Aviv.

Rubio also said that if reports that Trump asked two of the government's top intelligence chiefs to publicly deny evidence of cooperation between his campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 election are true, that could impact the future relationship between the White House and the intelligence community.

"This is what I've been talking about these last few days during my trip".

President Donald Trump: "As you know, Rex, our secretary of state, has done an incredible job".

President Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting US president to visit one of Judaism's holiest sites.

Palestinian analyst Taha Al-Khateeb told Daily News Egypt that the issue is not one or two states, but rather it is how to make the Palestinian state a reality on the ground, and this is what Trump did in his visit to the Palestinian territories.

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