Some Starbucks now have coffee ice cubes -- for 80 cents more

Evrard Martin
Mai 19, 2017

The cubes of ice are made of coffee, instead of water. Starbucks has a nifty little solution for that.

The frozen gold ice is in a testing period at 100 stores in St. Louis and Baltimore, Cosmopolitan reports. One quick search for "coffee ice" on Pinterest shows that this idea is not new or even novel anymore. But it's worth it right?

Starbucks on Monday began testing coffee ice cubes in iced coffee drinks in two markets, St. Louis and Baltimore, according to spokesperson Holly Shafer.

Customers who have tried it say it made a significant difference and made the drink taste better.

In the past Starbucks has been criticized for under-filling its drinks and adding too much ice, although customers could request no ice with their order.

Nothing is worse than watery iced coffee, and Starbucks finally got the memo.

It's an iced-coffee lover's summer dream come true. Yes please. Swapping out regular ice in Frappuccinos for coffee ice? Plus, you get even more coffee for your cup. The release is part of a limited-time test, running up to 8 weeks. But hey, we can hope and dream!

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