The Real Reason Trump Canned Jim Comey

Claudine Rigal
Mai 19, 2017

McCabe, a career FBI agent who ran the Washington field office and oversaw national security investigations out of headquarters, was a target of Trump's on the campaign trail following reports that his wife had accepted campaign donations from a close ally of Hillary Clinton during a failed bid for the state Senate.

Andrew McCabe, testifying before Congress Tuesday in place of his fired boss, contradicted the administration's characterizations of an investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign to influence the presidential election. Capping a week in which Trump faced a slew of criticism for firing the man investigating his campaign's possible ties to Russia, Trump warned James Comey there could be retribution if he speaks to the press about their private conversations.

Earlier Friday, Trump issued an apparent warning to James Comey, tweeting that he had better hope there are no "tapes" of their conversations.

In a statement, Mr Durbin said that what he characterized as Mr Trump's admission that he fired Mr Comey because of the Russian Federation probe was "dangerously close to obstruction of justice".

Trump then went on to suggest scrapping the traditional White House briefings that have existed in some form since the Woodrow Wilson administration nearly a century ago.

"As a very active president with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy" Trump said.

The committee's chairman, Richard Burr, was one of several Republican lawmakers to publicly voice concern about Trump's firing of Comey. Trump also said that at the dinner, he and Comey discussed whether the USA top cop would stay in his role and continue his 10-year term.

The White House has said Mr Comey's firing was unrelated to the Russian Federation probe.

A few weeks before the election, Trump attacked the FBI for "covering up to protect her", but little more than a week after that, when Comey reopened his investigation, based on new-found e-mails, Trump told a campaign rally that he had "great respect for the FBI for righting a wrong".

Later, Spicer was asked by another reporter if Trump had a tape of his conversation with Comey in late January.

"The president has nothing further to add on that", Spicer said numerous times in answer to rapid-fire questions.

Additionally, the New York Times reported Thursday that during that dinner, Trump asked Comey to pledge his loyalty.

Mr Trump told Fox News he was surprised by the fierce reaction of Democrats.

The other two times Trump said he asked Comey whether he was under investigation were in telephone conversations.

For sometime, Trump and administration officials have been trying to pressure the Federal Bureau of Investigation to refocus its investigative efforts on the endless stream of leaks to the news media that have embarrassed the president.

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in January that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign of interference in the election aimed at tilting the vote in Mr Trump's favour.

McCabe, who was Comey's deputy, is expected to be replaced by a candidate now being vetted by the head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and other White House appointees.

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