Waymo vs Uber- Court orders latter to return "pilfered" files

Alain Brian
Mai 17, 2017

Both companies are expected to develop a pilot project and perhaps develop new products.

The collaboration will bring more mobility services to people living in the world's fast-growing cities, they say.

Lyft is impressed with Waymo's automated system, calling it "today's best self-driving technology".

To say that Uber is having a rough year is an understatement-in the last several months, the ride-share company has lost senior personnel, one of its biggest fans, and any appearance of having a decent work environment, to say nothing of the whole spying-on-celebrities thing.

Waymo's parent company had been deeply connected to Uber, having invested $258 million into the startup through its Google Ventures unit. Nevertheless, Google's spin-off company further intensifies the competition by teaming up with another major player in the self-driving auto space - Lyft. The Waymo and Lyft partnership is a signal that the two companies are willing to team up to take on a mutual rival.

As many have believed for the self-driving automobile landscape to become a multibillion-dollar industry, Lyft and Waymo are in no way clear of any competition.

Other companies that have previously shown interest to lay hands on the self-driving auto industry include Tesla, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Renault-Nissan Alliance, Daimler, Volkswagen Group, BMW, Volvo, Delphi, PSA, and Baidu, among others. A Similar deal is finalized between Waymo and Fiat to install their technology in their minivan product and expecting to have another deal with Honda for similar installation of technology in their cars. There's also word out there that Honda is making a deal with Waymo to put its automated technology into Honda test vehicles.

GM announced past year that it will use Lyft to launch its first self-driving vehicle based on Cruise Automation technology it acquired. "Lyft seems pretty committed to working with GM after their $500M investment, so it's interesting that they would now announce a relationship with Waymo".

According to New York Times, the initial discussions about the partnership between Waymo and Lyft were started last summer.

Waymo and Lyft working together isn't seen to impinge on their respective self-driving auto projects.

The judge wrote that Uber knew, or should have known, that an ex- Waymo engineer it later hired had taken Waymo files potentially containing trade secrets, and that some of the intellectual property had "seeped into" Uber 's own development efforts. In February, Waymo alleged that Uber's self-driving technology was based on the research the former has carried out.

Waymo and Uber are at war - not only in the for race for full autonomy, but also in a courtroom.

At stake is the direction of Uber's self-driving vehicle program, which its CEO has said is the key to the company's future.

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