What Is Wannacry? What Does WannaCry Ransomware Do?

Claudine Rigal
Mai 20, 2017

To securely plug the loopholes from being exploited by hackers and evolving into a large-scale networking disaster, it is utterly essential for the technology sector and software customers, including governments and corporate uses, to join forces to prevent this from happening.

Less than 300 payments worth around $83,000 had been paid into WannaCry blackmail accounts by Thursday (1800 GMT), six days after the attack began and one day before the ransomware threatens to start locking up victim computers forever.

Pic: ReutersFRANKFURT: Two-thirds of those caught up in the past week's global ransomware attack were running Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system without the latest security updates, a survey for Reuters by security ratings firm BitSight found.

And now, the group named Shadow Brokers, that had leaked the tools from the United States national security agency's stockpile of cyber weapons, which were used by hackers for the recent attacks has said in a blog that it would be releasing hacking tools every month.

WannaCry uses EternalBlue, which takes advantage of a vulnerability in the SMB protocol, to worm its way through local networks and online.

WannaCry, like the majority of ransomware and malware will arrive under your radar, as an email attachment or as a download on your PC.

"Clearly people who run supported versions of Windows and patched quickly were not affected", Trustwave's Mador said. It also points out how even in Windows 10, Microsoft is charging some customers extra if they want better security measures, which means that those who can't pay more are at a higher risk for vulnerabilities.

Summary: The Ransomware virus had stopped auto factories, hospitals, shops and schools in over 75 countries. Other than affected businesses which can not function normally, even hospitals and schools from the Americas all the way to Asia have not been spared from the scourge.

Sadly, there isn't a simple formula for businesses to follow in regards to ransomware.

"The same things are causing the same problems". The longer victims pay, the longer ransomware will continue to grow, or at least that's what leading cyber security firms believe and it's why they advise against it.

Fortunately, there was some good news in the midst of all this when a 22-year-old cyber security researcher, identified online only as MalwareTech, unintentionally discovered a "kill switch" that halted the unprecedented outbreak, something that may have saved companies and governments millions of dollars, slowing the outbreak before computers were more widely affected. Other than that, there are some decryption tools that claim to decrypt the files that the ransomware have locked down.

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