After watching India-Pakistan match, Vijay Mallya arrived at Virat Kohli's dinner

Solenn Plantier
Juin 7, 2017

Sources said the appearance of the liquor baron, who India is trying to extradite from the United Kingdom, caused embarrassment to the Indian team including the captain, who had arranged the star-studded bash to raise money for his foundation.

What is interesting that Vijay Mallya used to be the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore captained by Virat Kohli. Reportedly, Virat Kohli, BCCI deny inviting Vijay Mallya at the charity event.

The charity ball was meant to raise funds for Justice and Care organisation which aims at tackling human trafficking and helping the survivors.

On Tuesday morning, Mallya took to Twitter to make his intentions clear.

It was claimed that the national cricket team, including the skipper, was seen maintaining a safe distance from the multimillionaire owner of a Formula One team and founder of the Kingfisher beer brand.

A top BCCI official said that, "Look, Virat or his foundation never invited Mallya at the function". But typically what happens at the charity dinner is that someone who has bought a table is entitled to invite his guests.

According to Daily Mail, however, Mallya had a table booked.

'Players, while exchanging pleasantries, became scared what people will say if they were seen with Mallya. That is when the players made a decision to walk out fearing people's opinion for talking to Mallya.

It seemed the team felt uncomfortable due to Mallya's presence.

The Indian government is attempting to get Mallya extradited from United Kingdom for alleged unpaid debts to the tune of Rs 9000 crore. He was later arrested by the Scotland Yard in London and produced before the Westminster Magistrates' Court where he was granted conditional bail pending deposit of £650,000 (about Rs 5 crore) prior to his release from custody. Mallya also attended India Pakistan match held today's ago. He asserted that he plans on attending all future matches the team plays in the series.

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