Apple iOS 11 Update Will Improve Pokemon GO

Claudine Rigal
Juin 6, 2017

Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller speaks during the opening keynote address the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) at the San Jose Convention Center.

Drivers will still be able to use Apple CarPlay, of course, in cars that are equipped with it. Apple CarPlay is a auto interface specifically created to allow drivers to hear and respond to text messages using voice commands and to safely use other iPhone features while's available from a number of automobile manufacturers, including General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, BMW and Honda, and works through a computer screen in the vehicle. Also, iMessage would intelligently notify users to make a transaction within the app itself.

Apple also made improvements to Siri including making the assistant's voice sound more natural when responding to users.

She's also smarter than ever, with the ability to translate directly from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish, and will serve up better suggestions too, thanks to new "on-device learning". Siri will also be doing something Apple likes to call "on-device learning".

Siri on iOS 11 also gets a new visual interface that is more pleasing to the eye. "To get to all your notifications, just pull it down like a cover sheet from the top of the screen".

Apple Pay now supports person-to-person money transfers exclusively through Apple Messages, and will analyse your messages to suggest when you should pay someone if the conversation turns to how much you spent drinking at McSorley's (though come on, I think you know when someone's asking for dough).

Maps: Maps in iOS 11 will offer detail floor maps of malls and airports, as well as offer lane guidance - and speed limits - while the user is driving.

iOS 11 is coming this year in September and will include new features for both the iPhone and iPad.

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the five-day WWDC with announcements of a a new operating system, a new iPad Pro and a the HomePod, a music speaker and home assistant.

There's also one, single screenshot of Business Chat where we find a father shopping for a new iPad for his daughter. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for development virtual-reality experiences.

Files and Dock for iPad: Yes, iOS 11 will bring a file manager to the iPad, but not the iPhone.

Apple also showed off new features for its iOS mobile software and lots of other fun stuff. Cloud storage of messages will also be possible. iOS 11 also opens up the NFC sensor on iPhone to read tags and data.

Next up in tech is Apple's new version of macOS is called High Sierra which is launched with new Safari browser. "Now you can mark up a PDF or screenshot faster and more easily".

Notes: "The new Document Scanner in Notes automatically senses and scans a document, crops the edges and removes any tilt or glare", according to Apple.

For the first time since its introduction in 2007, the App Store has now been optimized with a card-based design and tabs that transform the layout into more of a basic newsfeed than anything else. It comes with a new A10X processor that will enhance gaming and overall app performance. Also, there will be a separate slot for in-app purchases.

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