Apple Pay takes on Venmo with personal money transfers

Alain Brian
Juin 6, 2017

That's a barrier Apple doesn't have to overcome, especially since, according to the company, its Apple Pay service is the number one contactless payment service on mobile devices. There's now no information on whether you can send or receive cash from groups of friends like you can in Facebook Messenger, nor is there any info on associated fees with sending money through Apple Pay.

Apple just announced on stage at its Worldwide Developer's Conference that Apple Pay is getting person-to-person payments. It will launch first in the United States this fall. And Square, the payments startup of Jack Dorsey, has Square Cash in the US. Using an a newer iPhone or Apple Watch, you can pay for items on the go at supported retailers via NFC technology. What's not clear is whether or not you can sync that card back to a bank account. And with last year's Mac OS Sierra, Apple Pay became available on Apple computers.

Apple is far from the first company to introduce the feature. Consumers can also use Apple Pay accounts to pay for items within apps and on the web.

With the new service, you can make payments using debit or credit cards in your Apple Wallet. From there, he or she can either send that money to other contacts, make Apple Pay purchases, or transfer it to a bank. Apple will certainly have more details about Apple Pay for iMessage once its website has updated with the details on iOS 11.

If you're an Android user, though, you're out of luck.

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