Apple Unveils All-New App Store

Alain Brian
Juin 6, 2017

Amazon sells the main version of the Echo for $180; Google's Home speaker goes for $130.

Soon after the announcement Amazon tweeted, "You asked (a lot)". An ongoing theme, from text messaging to app preferences, is that upgrading to the 8 would be simple, right down to synchronizing your texts instead of storing them on the phone. Users can stick as many apps as they want into the dock, and access it from anywhere in an application to easily switch between apps or simply drag out a second application in split-screen. Most impressive is that you just need the phone, not any custom glasses, markers, or other fiddly accessories.

Other new watchfaces include a kaleidoscope and new characters such as Woody, Jesse, and Buzz from the Toy Story movie franchise.

That said, it's suggested that Apple plans to introduce a major industrial design overhaul for its all-in-one iMac brand in 2018, according to that same Reddit thread.

The speaker will sell for about $350 in December in the US, United Kingdom and Australia.

Do more with your photos: The memories featured in Photos will now use machine learning to identify specific events or figures like a wedding or a pet.

The tech titan also announced updates to its entire MacBook line giving its laptops more powerful specifications in the form of the latest Intel chips.

The new iMac Pro is basically a supercharged 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display that includes an up to 18-core Intel Xeon processor and AMD's upcoming Vega graphics.

Another new feature that sounds interesting to me was translation within Messages. Consumers don't quite understand AR (unless there's a Pikachu involved), and Google all but botched the Tango launch, releasing it on a single (huge) phone available only online and from Lowes.

The new iPad Pro also comes with a better camera - the same one found in the iPhone 7 - along with more storage, a better display and faster refreshing of moving images.

My fear is that the new App Store is merely a newly designed App Store for iOS 11.

Apple is introducing a number of effects into the Live Photos feature.

It also enhanced its workout app to, for instance, support high intensity interval training.

Apple said Siri, which also competes with the Google Assistant helper, will now be able to create appointments on an iPhone after an appointment is booked on a Mac, for example, marking the first time that privacy-conscious Apple has let the assistant work across devices.

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