Australia announces online visa applications for Indians from July 1

Alain Brian
Juin 19, 2017

It is understood there is at least one person, who is quite possibly deceased by now, who has dodged immigration officials for roughly 40 years, the Courier Mail reports.

The number of unauthorised residents in Australia has increased by six per cent, compared to five years ago.

About 15 percent of over-stayers are on student visas and expired working holiday visa's make up for just three percent.

Numbers reveal Malaysians as the worst offenders with 9,440 citizens of the southeast Asian nation here on expired visas as at June 30.

This was followed by China, with 6,500 overstayers while 5,710 come from the United States and 3,680 people from Britain. Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam all had between 2200 and 2800 illegal residents in Australia.

Germany, France, Japan and Fiji citizens were also singled out.

An Immigration and Border Protection spokesman said they were to use "targeted field compliance" to track those who breach their welcome.

Last week, the government launched legislation that would provide the minister the authority to overrule the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) on citizenships.

The legal change is part of an overhaul of citizenship rules that include the introduction of a tougher English-language test and a longer wait before a citizenship application can be submitted. The deportation was blocked by the AAT. The news of overstayers also comes amid Dutton's battles with the AAT on some visa cases, like that of an Indian-born man residing here, whom Dutton's department wanted to deport after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman.

Meanwhile, the government has come under fire from former prime minister Tony Abbott and others, who've linked Australia's asylum program to terror attacks in the country.

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