Big3 begins: 3-on-3 league has close games, not much Iverson

Solenn Plantier
Juin 26, 2017

Tri State player-captain Jermaine O'Neal, left, looks to shoot with Power player/captain Corey Maggette (50) defending during the first half of Game 2 in the BIG3 Basketball League debut, Sunday, June 25, 2017, at the Barclays Center in NY. And if Iverson is only going to play token minutes, how long will the league be able to maintain interest?

"I think that's the thing is us as athletes, especially playing professional basketball, the competitive nature is always there and I saw that in the promo game, the preseason game", he said.

Each squad has five players and a coach. Team names included 3's Company and Killer 3s and some players wore nicknames on their jerseys, with Jerome Williams going with "Junk Yard Dog" on his.

His formerly lightning-quick feet were stuck in cement, never to escape. The result was that nearly every shot came with a shove, and players were pushed off passes repeatedly. The building exploded when the former 76ers superstar hit his lone jumper, but the league's marquee attraction rarely left the sideline, playing nine of 37 minutes. Coach part is going to go on throughout the game.

Tri-State coach Julius "Dr. J" Erving, center, gestures as he is introduced for Game 2 in the BIG3 Basketball League debut, Sunday, June 25, 2017, at the Barclays Center in NY. "I would love to get to that point where it's really all about growing the league, and it's not about picking colors for uniforms or logos-even if that kind of stuff is fun", Ice Cube says.

Rapper and actor Ice Cube said on Thursday that President Trump has not done much for the black community, adding that blacks are not high on the president's list of priorities. There's an Allen Iverson shirt that was kind of dope, but everyone was buying that shirt which made it lose some of its appeal.

Iverson wasn't the only player who looked older than his advancing age. Both Corey Maggette and Jason Williams, who each played at least 12 National Basketball Association seasons, left their respective games after suffering knee injuries, while everyone else fought through rust and each other. A few hours later, Kenyon Martin suffered what he called the first pulled hamstring of his career.

Remarkably, the crowd remained invested despite the poor shooting and shoddy passing, often reacting to successful plays like parents who treat their child's fingerpaintings like Picassos.

Mike Bibby is seen in action during the first game of the inaugural BIG3 Basketball League's schedule on Sunday. In the second game of the day, there was another injury, with Power captain Corey Maggette being forced to leave his team's 62-58 win over Tri-State with a knee injury. Both were treated like championship clinchers.

"The sky's the limit", Iverson said, speaking of the league's potential. That's why I wanted to do this and go around from city to city and be around my fans.

Right off the bat I knew the BIG3 was a serious league because the media lunch spread was incredible.

"I know the game", Iverson said.

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