Comey a Leaker, His Testimony Proves 'No Collusion, No Obstruction', Says Trump

Claudine Rigal
Juin 11, 2017

Mr Comey told the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday about several one-on-one interactions with the president, during which he said Mr Trump pressed him to show "loyalty".

"The then-senator did not have any private or side conversations with any Russian officials at the Mayflower Hotel", she said in a statement.

If Trump had simply focused on making great deals for America - whatever that means - rather than obsessing over the Democrat-fueled myth that he was being investigated, he wouldn't have an approval rating in the mid-30s, and the Democrats would be on their heels.

Former FBI director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill June 8, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Comey also admitted that it was he who leaked his memo of private conversations with President Trump to the USA press via his "friend".

Lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file the complaint with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Justice Department's inspector general, CNN said, citing unidentified sources. Comey says that President Trump, in a private meeting, expressed the wish that Comey drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

By Comey's account, Trump - after a meeting in the Oval Office - cleared the room of other officials, isolating the two of them, and said of Flynn: "He is a good guy".

"I can definitively say that the president is not a liar, and frankly I'm insulted by that question", Sanders said at a White House press briefing. He told reporters they would be "very disappointed when you hear the answer". And now the harshest irony is that, as Comey intimated Thursday, it may no longer be a myth that Trump is being personally investigated.

"The president is not facing a particularly compelling case of obstruction for prosecution at this time", said Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law.

But after Trump fired Comey in May, the president tweeted: "Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Telling a reporter nonclassified information of public interest is not only legal, but it's often the right thing to do.

Reps. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, and Adam Schiff, D-California, said they wrote to Comey requesting any notes or memoranda in his possession memorializing discussions Comey had with President Donald Trump. "That's another thing he said", Karl asked. He did so two weeks later.

"It makes me wonder even more why Barack Obama selected him and then to re-examine the course of his career from his role investigating the Whitewater land deal around 1996, to his role investigating the Marc Rich pardon [by then-President Bill Clinton] and the Clinton Foundation through 2005, and his failures to make progress, while Federal Bureau of Investigation director, securing indictments and convictions against Clinton "charities" for solicitation and other frauds from October 23, 1997, to the present", the Wall Street analyst highlighted. He described the Mayflower event in the classified session that followed. The president also said that he never asked the former FBI director to pledge his "loyalty" over the investigation, a major part of what Comey said during his testimony.

He said he was "committing the United States to Article 5".

Trump knows very well that sworn testimony is a whole different ballgame. CNN reported that the intelligence derived from a US intercept of Russian communications. And when Sessions wrote a letter that Trump used to justify firing the F.B.I. director, was he, as Senator Ron Wyden, of OR, asked on Thursday, violating the terms of his recusal?

"I didn't say that", Trump insisted Friday. "Some say the Russians won't be reasonable".

Though Trump's true motivation remains unknown, "it's perfectly plausible that the president was feeling sympathetic to his former aide who had just resigned and was facing a torrent of criticism", Turley said. Trump shook hands in a receiving line.

The notion that Trump's comments to Comey constitute obstruction of justice has been vehemently rejected by Trump's supporters. "We consider it unlikely that anyone could have engaged in a meaningful private conversation without drawing attention from others present".

He said he and Sen. Gen. Loretta Lynch asked him to defuse the investigation of Hillary Clinton and its public presentation.

"To me, the guy who oversaw the most leak investigations and prosecutions of any administration in American history decides to become a leaker when it suits his own interests?" said defense attorney Edward MacMahon Jr., who represented a former Central Intelligence Agency officer convicted in a leak case.

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