Dying Light to Get a Year's Worth of Free DLC

Claudine Rigal
Juin 16, 2017

The studio announced today that it will release ten more pieces of DLC for the game over the next 12 months, all of it free.

Continuous support means also more updates, gameplay tweaks, and community events. This shows that our community is still huge, active, and craving for more. This translates to ten pieces of DLC in the first twelve months of our continuous support - available free for all players, across all platforms.

"Not a single day passes without requests for new weapons, outfits, and quests".

It appears that Techland's survival horror game Dying Light will be receiving continued support for the next year.

Nearly three years after the release of Dying Light, Techland has announced that it will release 10 pieces of free downloadable content for the game in 12 months, including new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies, and more. "In the face of such enthusiasm and engagement, we can not keep quiet", said Marchewka. Simultaneously, the game will receive gameplay improvements and balance tweaks as well as more frequent community events - up to 4 per quarter. Not to mention, the studio also announced it's working on a new community platform to allow fans to give feedback on impending content and have a voice in determining what some of the upcoming DLC should be.

Before any of the official DLCs drop, however, there will be one update featuring 'content drop # 0.' This will kick things off with new enemies for Harran, and it's coming soon. I would be surprised if we got a full-on new story DLC, but it's very likely that we'll be getting a massive influx of new costumes, weapons, and maybe some quality of life changes to keep the game fresh. The Poland based company is best known for the original Dead Island games, the Call of Juarez series, and Dying Light.

If you don't own Dying Light, the PlayStation Store in North America is offering Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition for $20.99 United States dollars to non-PlayStation Plus members and $14.99 USD to PS+ members until June 20.

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