Ellen DeGeneres calls out audience member for dishonesty

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 23, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres tested the honesty of her audience in a recent show, and majority passed. Image via YouTube.comSuch are the questions in the wake of the "Ellen" episode that used a hidden camera to observe who was following instructions at a "Pick Only One" souvenir table before the taping.

"When I started this show 14 years ago, I said this is going to be like a relationship", DeGeneres told the audience before playing back some of the compelling hidden camera footage. A sign at the table reminded the shoppers that they were limited to one free item.

After boring the crowd to tears with examples of honest audience members, DeGeneres finally introduced us all to Nancy.

Most of the guests chose one item and one woman offered to pay for a second item, the Huffington Post reported.

After catching a woman violating this solemn decree, Ellen saw it fit to heap several generation's worth of shame upon the five-finger discounter Nancy.

Ellen DeGeneres is widely known as a lighthearted, dance-loving prankster, but this video of an audience member stealing on Ellenshows DeGeneres is not afraid to put people on the spot either. DeGeneres then had the embarrassed woman placed in a special chair on stage and lectured her about the importance of honesty.

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