Erdogan says 'not witnessed' Qatar give support to terror

Xavier Trudeau
Juin 12, 2017

"The blockade is hindering USA military actions in the region and the campaign against ISIS", Tillerson said, referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In a day of mixed messages and chaotic diplomacy, Tillerson emphasized the economic, humanitarian and military damage he said the blockade was inflicting.

Tillerson also said Qatar needed to address its neighbors' concerns about terrorist financing as he sought to find a middle ground after President Trump tweeted support for the blockade this week.

U.S. President Donald Trump, while appearing with Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis, focused on accusing Qatar of funding terrorism and not the recently enacted blockade.

President Donald Trump on Friday accused Qatar of being a "funder of terrorism at a very high level", issuing a warning that the country must "do more" to combat terror. Do we take the easy road or do we finally take a hard but necessary action?

"We talked about process in the Syrian settlement and how this process and our common efforts can influence the history around Qatar", Lavrov said, according to TASS.

Trump said he helped plan the move against Qatar, although a senior administration official told Reuters earlier this week that the United States had no indication from the Saudis or Emiratis during the visit that they would sever ties with Qatar.

"It is just another example of failed coordination between the various departments responsible for USA foreign and security policy", said Andreas Krieg, a professor at King's College London, who has provided military education to the Qatari armed forces.

He demanded that Qatar, as well as the other nations, take steps to curtail support for terrorism.

The carrying out military action in the region in its campaign against ISIS from the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

"We are of the view that all parties should resolve their differences through a process of constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations based on well-established global principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries", it said.

Qatar dismissed allegations of support for Islamist militancy on Friday after four Arab states, which cut ties with Qatar this week, blacklisted as terrorists dozens of people with alleged links to Qatar, Reuters said.

"It is wrong to add more troubles on top of everything in the term that the Muslim world is already struggling with a lot of problems", he said. The U.S. will support these mediation efforts along with the emir of Kuwait.

Sudan's Vice President, Hassabo Mohammed Abdel Rahman, expressed his confidence in the ability of the conflict parties to overcome the crisis to serve the interests of Arab and Islamic countries and restore the Gulf region's stability considering its vital and strategic location.

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