For Whatever Reason, Google Glass Just Got an Update

Alain Brian
Juin 22, 2017

Google ended sales of its Glass Explorer Edition wearable device in January 2015, and since then, little more has been heard about it.

However, much like R2-D2 in The Force Awakens, the Google Glass specs have been awoken from their slumber by the first bit of action in a long, long time. Now bluetooth input device support implies keyboard and mouse, although why and how, would someone use Google Glasses with one of these devices is beyond me. The release notes adds this update also contains some unnamed "bug fixes and performance improvements".

It's kind of odd to see a new Google Glass update rolling out.

If you have a Google Glass sitting in a drawer somewhere in your bedroom, go ahead and plug it back in, punch in your new Wi-Fi password, and download the update. Considering Google's recent silence on Glass, it seems unlikely that we're going to start seeing regular updates roll out again, but this week's release of XE23 is a nice surprise for anyone that might still have Glass.

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