France, Germany and Italy say Paris climate deal 'cannot be renegotiated'

Xavier Trudeau
Juin 2, 2017

He said he would consider re-entry if the USA could get a better deal. But he indicated that was hardly a priority. "If we can, great".

The agreement - negotiated by 195 nations in Paris - was created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change.

Because of the way the agreement was designed, it will take years for the USA to fully exit it.

"The Paris agreement establishes the enduring framework the world needs to solve the climate crisis", Obama said, speaking from the White House.

But Ivanka Trump, the president's top aide and daughter, pressed aides to look at the full picture when considering what withdrawal could mean. The U.S. pledged under the accord to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent by 2025.

They added that the course charted by the accord is "irreversible and we firmly believe that the Paris Agreement can not be renegotiated".

Supporters of the accord condemned Trump's move as an abdication of American leadership and an global disgrace. German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

President Trump announced Thursday that he will pull the US out of the Paris climate deal, despite concerns from top CEOs and global leaders.

"I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack", Obama said. Now, Trump's claiming that the world wants to steal America's money via this agreement - rather than, you know, save the planet and safeguard their children and grandchildren.

And with so many moving parts, the accord has quite a few rules. Paul described the action as "great news for the economy" that "could save as many as 6 million".

The immediate impact of Trump's move could be largely symbolic.

However, Russia signed on to the Paris agreement, and the United States is joined only by Syria, a war-torn nation, and Nicaragua, which argued for a stronger agreement, in opposing the worldwide accord. "President Trump is not putting America first, he is tethering it to the past".

"The agreement doesn't eliminate coal jobs, it just transfers those jobs out of the United States and ships them to foreign countries", Trump said from the Rose Garden. "Trump is saying this is bad for jobs".

But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California called it "a stunning abdication of American leadership and a grave threat to our planet's future".

A spokesperson for Dell, whose founder and CEO sits on Trump's council on manufacturing, said that there was "no change in engaging with the Trump administration and governments around the globe to share our perspective on policy issues that affect our company, our customers and our employees".

However, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday his country would withdraw from the deal.

The White House was initially slated to make a final decision on the climate accord earlier this month but delayed the decision until the G7 meeting in Sicily.

Business investors seemed pleased, with stock prices, already up for the day, bumping higher as he spoke and the Dow Jones industrial average rising 135 points for the day.

Pulling out of the agreement outright would take three-and-a-half years under the standard cooling-off period for new global treaties.

Some environmentalists warned that pulling out of the deal will be disastrous.

The US is the world's second-largest emitter of carbon, following only China. Aides have been deliberating on "caveats in the language", one official said.

Macron's social media team made sure that closing rejoinder to Trump and Trumpism was not missed by those lacking the strength or the stamina to make it to the third minute of his speech.

Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, who is expected to have a tough re-election in his swing district in south Florida, lobbed a series of tweets in opposition.

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