Germany, California to tackle climate change together

Claudine Rigal
Juin 12, 2017

The five-day visit by Jerry Brown, a Democrat, came just days after Trump declared on 1 June that the United States would pull out of the Paris Accord, which broadly commits 195 countries to try and keep the global average temperature below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump's declaration last week prompted a series of corresponding announcements of new climate alliances and efforts nationally by state leaders and others determined to keep up US efforts overall against climate change.

Days after his announcement - and by coincidence - Beijing hosted an global conference on clean energy.

"China and Germany - two of the most powerful countries in the world - are working with California and with other states to deal with climate change", said Brown.

The Beijing forum put a spotlight on efforts by Chinese authorities and companies to develop renewable energy. China has been the world's largest investor in clean energy since 2012, spending US$88 billion (S$122 billion) on wind and solar power previous year, according to Bloomberg News.

China's solar capacity more than doubled previous year.

"We must take these promises seriously", said Helen Clarkson, president of the Climate Group.

"California, because of its leading role, has linked up with China and other countries and now with Germany", said Brown. By GCR Staff0 CommentsStriking a posture of defiance against US President Donald Trump, the governor of the state of California has used a visit to China to pledge his commitment to the Paris Accord on climate change and to sign a cooperation deal with China on developing low-carbon cities and green technology.

"We can not achieve our climate goals without the engagement of local and regional communities", Germany's Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said during her meeting with Brown this weekend in San Francisco. "This current decision will not stand".

"China is an ally in that and it has tremendous resources and I want to work with those resources in a way that will accelerate our climate action", he said.

Jerry Brown met with a top German minister to push for climate action in the wake of President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

"There are leaders in the world that care and are determined to lead the world down a path of sustainability", said Brown.

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