Girl Power! Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman set for big box office

Pierre Vaugeois
Juin 2, 2017

Finally, the DC Cinematic Universe has produced a movie that can safely be described as "good", and all it took was a powerful woman with a touch of optimism and humor to save the day from the moody and pouty Batman and Superman. "Any time there's a controversy like this, it only raises awareness for the film".

Lets begin with the positives. When he failed to impress Gadot, O'Brien put on his own comical superhero costume, but it was clear that there can only be one true Wonder Woman between the two of them. Gal Gadot is a flawless choice in the lead role, providing the ideal combination of innocence, strength and determination. She loves and fights with love in order to keep those people safe from forces that would rather tear it asunder. On more than a couple of occasions, the film gives the audience that "hero moment".

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on Friday, June 2.

For those who don't know the plot line Gadot is the titular hero - Wonder Woman - who is forced to leave the island of Themyscira when United States military pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes ashore. "Wonder Woman" engages with the heavy topics of war and the dark nature of mankind, with a story set during World War I, but the film is often lighthearted and amusing, especially regarding Diana's limited understanding of the modern world.

This is really a movie of two parts, part one involves Diana venturing to WWI era London, an unknown land to her, which is where most of the movie's comedy comes from, and it is very amusing, with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor delivering a lot of the comedy with his great timing and wit.

DC is learning from its previous mistakes. Brighter colors and a bit more personality is infused into the story.

Gadot and Pine bounce of each other with witty dexterity, and the film has a lot of fun with Pine's take on what might traditionally have been the female's role in the story. He also happens to be the first man Diana has ever laid eyes on.

A more demanding job for Pine awaits him in Scotland. Directed by Patty Jenkins. While the film doesn't fully alleviate that pesky male gaze in cinema, it definitely is another step in the right direction. After Joss Whedon's failed script, Wonder Woman saw a whole host of other writers try their hand at the superhero, but, in the end, it was a script from Allan Heinberg, with help from director Patty Jenkins, DC COO Geoff Johns, Justice League's Zack Snyder, and Pan's Jason Fuchs that stuck.

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