Google releases reCAPTCHA with new API

Alain Brian
Juin 10, 2017

This brand new API is being debuted in celebration of the tenth-anniversary celebration of the reCAPTCHA, which was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon Univerity in 2009 and later acquired by Google. However, they are a necessary annoyance, with Google now bringing it to Android as part of Play Services.

Google's reCAPTCHA is a free service which protects a website from spam and abuse.

The mobile version will launch with Invisible reCAPTCHA, meaning websites will be able to tell you're not a bot automatically. However, if you don't pass the system's behind the scenes risk analyses and it's unconvinced that you're not a bot, whatever puzzle you have to solve to prove your humanity will be optimized for mobile.

The Android API will accept Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA, released this year, which now validates users in the background, forgoing the typical interaction users are familiar. "Instead, with just a single click, they will confirm they are not a robot", said Vinay Shet, Product Manager, reCAPTCHA, Google, in a blog post.

Today's Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can solve even the most hard variant of distorted text at 99.8 per cent accuracy.

"This new API also lets us experiment with new types of challenges that are easier for us humans to use, particularly on mobile devices. Early adopters, like Snapchat, Humble Bundle, WordPress, and several others are already seeing great results with this new API".

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